As You Move Onto Outlook ... Please Take a Minute to Standardize Your Email Signature

Jul 14, 2017

This summer, Guthrie is migrating onto the Office 365 platform, including Outlook for our email. This presents an excellent opportunity for staff members to make sure that they have a standard email signature. Having a standard email signature helps to create a consistent Guthrie brand, and reinforces our goal of One Guthrie. 

The Strategic Planning and Marketing Team has some tips for creating a professional looking signature, and wants to encourage all staff members to follow this format. 

Signatures should use Arial 10 point font and contain the following information:

Some signatures may use professional titles, your entity name and fax numbers if appropriate.   

For employees who regularly work in more than one department, it may make sense to use the entity name rather than various department names. 

You can also download a specially designed logo to add below your signature – get it here or download it straight from the Strategic Planning and Marketing section on the intranet. Simply open the file, copy the image and then when building your signature line in Outlook, paste the Guthrie logo and tag line under your personal contact information.  

Employees are discouraged from using other art work and quotes as a part of their Outlook signature line.  Outlook is a part of business communications and not a forum for personal expressions. Please also note that the popular medical bag art has officially now been retired from routine use. 

Do you have further questions about this? Feel free to contact Strategic Planning and Marketing at 570-887-4415.