Waste Extraction Winner

Feb 08, 2019

In an effort to reduce waste and control costs within the Guthrie system, a Waste Extraction Team has been established and tasked with the goal of identifying and implementing $6 million in sustainable waste reduction strategies. Success in achieving this goal is dependent upon everyone’s involvement. Each month, the Waste Extraction Team will be posting a “Money Saving Monday” tip on Workplace. If you have comments or other ideas on cost-saving measures, please add them in the comments section of the post. The same week, in Friday Facts, we will highlight a successful waste-reduction measure implemented by a Guthrie department, along with the savings from that initiative. 

February’s Waste Extraction Winner is Resource Development. The Resource Development team has successfully reduced its printing expense by over $2,000 by decreasing the print volume of Guthrie's Annual Donor Report by 400 copies!