Tree of Life in Sayre Gets New Home

Sep 21, 2018

A special landmark on the Guthrie Sayre campus has a new home. The Tree of Life, which was located in front of the Emergency Department, was moved this month to its new home, in front of the School of Nursing. The move is permanent and was necessary to allow for renovations to the RPH Emergency Department. 

The Tree of Life has been a tradition for many years. Individuals purchase lights or ornaments on the trees in memory or in honor of loved ones. Originally trees were brought in for the ceremony and disposed of after the holidays. In the Summer of 2010, employees suggested that trees be planted and used each year for the holiday program.

Walt Rogers, owner of Countree Landscaping at that time, was an RPH Grounds Maintenance Supervisor for over 25 years before leaving to open his own business. Working with Maintenance and the RPH Auxiliary, Walt designed the space for the Tree of Life. Sadly, before the completion of the project in December 2010, Walt was diagnosed with cancer and passed away. The Tree of Life space he created was dedicated to Walt, in honor of his service to Guthrie. It was the last project Walt worked on. This month, Guthrie leaders worked with Walt’s family to select the new location for the Tree of Life. 

The 2018 Tree of Life ceremony will take place on November 27th at 5:15 PM in the School of Nursing Boardroom on the Sayre campus. This will be the 29th year for the event, which benefits the Guthrie Hospice program. Hospice helps community members and their families at the end of life, when they need support the most. Contributions to the Tree of Life program have allowed our Auxiliary and its members to help many patients.

tree of life