Status of Students at Guthrie

Jul 31, 2020

The gradual reopening of Guthrie to students will continue. All student groups that submitted re-entry plans for consideration have been approved.

In addition to submitting plans, every clinical/allied health student must be cleared by the Medical Education Office through completion of the appropriate onboarding checklist. Please have students confirm their status with Kyle Williams at or Jarrod Kolodziejczyk in Cortland at prior to returning. The Student Affairs Office will send a clearance email to the student and preceptor/educational coordinator when they are cleared.

Preceptors and Educational Coordinators are reminded that all students must wear masks and that educational institutions must notify us if a student is symptomatic. Please note that Student Observer and Shadower visits remain prohibited at this time. If you have questions about the presence of a student, please contact the Student Affairs Office at 570-887-4434 to confirm their clearance status and approval to be at Guthrie.