Spring into Action - Guthrie's Tobacco Policy

Jun 07, 2019

Warmer weather has arrived and it is critical that we all remain focused on the enforcement of the tobacco policy. Remember:

  • No tobacco use is permitted during paid work hours. This includes paid breaks.
  • No tobacco use is permitted on Guthrie property or within line of sight of any Guthrie location. Line of sight includes all sidewalks, benches, sitting areas, parking lots, vehicles and any area visible from these locations.
  • There is an enforcement expectation for all staff who notice colleagues, patients, visitors or others using tobacco products on Guthrie property (or within line of sight of Guthrie property for employees.) When you observe an individual using tobacco products on Guthrie property, you should approach and reminded/inform them of the policy. 
  • The personal appearance policy covers “offensive odors”, which includes tobacco smoke. 

The Guthrie intranet continues to be a resource for staff members in need of cessation support. Here you can find contact information for Employee Health as well as a variety of other free resources. If we all work together, we can continue to create a healthier environment at all Guthrie locations. See video below on the tobacco policy which was refreshed in September 2017.