Sayre Family Medicine Residency Program Presents "Kindness Counts" Award

Jan 10, 2020

Sayre Family Medicine Residency Program’s "Kindness Counts" Award is presented to a Sayre Family Medicine Residency Employee or Resident who displays a consistently positive attitude towards staff, patients and peers in the workplace and demonstrates teamwork by going above and beyond.

This month's "Kindness Counts" Award recipient is Min Je Woo, DO, who was nominated by his fellow faculty members who said: 

  • "Dr. Woo is always willing to help and is a ray of sunshine! He’s an excellent recruiter and really adds depth and energy to the osteopathic environment." 
  • "Patients are always raving about the wonderful care they get from Dr. Woo. He is a pleasure to collaborate with and has a positive impact on everyone he works with."

Congratulations, Dr. Woo!

Recipients of the Sayre Family Medicine Residency Program’s "Kindness Counts" Award are nominated by their peers and chosen by a committee. To nominate a deserving individual, please email a member of the committee, listed below: