Revised Tobacco Policy Goes Live at Guthrie Corning Hospital July 1

Jun 23, 2017

The revised tobacco policy will go into effect at Guthrie Corning Hospital on July 1 and across the system on Sept. 1. The earlier date at Guthrie Corning Hospital is in place as a result of discussions with the union at that location and existing labor management "good neighbor" initiatives related to tobacco use.

This revised policy features five major changes to encourage our workforce to be healthier:

  1.  Enhanced cessation resources.
  2.  No tobacco use permitted during paid work hours.
  3.  No tobacco use on Guthrie property or within line of sight of any Guthrie location.
  4.  Enforcement expectation for all staff who notice colleagues, patients, visitors or others using tobacco products on Guthrie property (or within line of sight of Guthrie property for employees).
  5.  Enhanced enforcement of the personal appearance policy that covers “offensive odors”, which include tobacco smoke.

The Tobacco Committee understands that smoking is an addiction and is prepared to assist all employees who wish to stop using tobacco. To learn more about quit resources and the new policy, visit One option for quit support are classes hosted by the American Lung Association at Guthrie Corning Hospital and in Sayre. Both of these are open to the public, but require a minimum number of participants in order to be offered. Click here to register for the classes in Corning, which will begin July 18. If you are interested in the class in Sayre, please call 1-610-379-2001. The start date for these will be chosen pending the amount of interest. 

Although the campus at Guthrie Corning Hospital has been tobacco free for years, this enhanced effort will also require that employees do not use tobacco during any paid time. The policy also enacts the requirement that all employees help to enforce the policy. If you notice a colleague or patient/visitor using tobacco on the hospital campus, please respectfully and kindly let them know that the campus is tobacco free and request that they stop. If the person does not comply or is aggressive, please excuse yourself from the situation and inform Security. If we all work together to enforce this policy, we will accomplish our goal as a system to create a healthier environment for our patients, visitors, employees and the communities we serve.