Reminder – PTO Year-End Adjustment

May 10, 2019

Employees with a Paid Time Off (PTO) balance above the maximum allowed carryover as of the end of the last full pay period of the fiscal year (June 29, 2019) will have their PTO adjusted down to the maximum. 

It is the responsibility of the employee to monitor their PTO balance. In order to assist employees in the management of their PTO hours, both the current balance and the maximum allowable PTO carryover is printed on each paycheck stub. We urge you to monitor your actual accrual against your maximum allowable carryover. If it appears that by June 29, your PTO balance may exceed your maximum allowable carryover, please work with your manager to try to schedule PTO days in such a way as to avoid losing any PTO hours you have accrued in excess of your maximum.

This does not include employees at Guthrie Cortland Medical Center or members of the Bargaining Unit at Guthrie Corning Hospital.