Register for Training and Guthrie Training Center Location & Parking Information

Dec 02, 2016

Dec. 9 is the target date for having all end users registered for their PARC training. Our goal is that by this date, 100% of Epic End Users will be registered for training.  Meeting this target date will give managers time to assess and coordinate scheduling and backfill needs.  Please discuss with your manager and register for your End User classes. 

The managers play a crucial role in Epic Training registration:

  1. Managers and staff should review the Course Catalog on the PARC Intranet site to identify classes the staff should be enrolling in. You can copy and paste the following URL into your browser to access the PARC Training page and the Course Catalog:
  2. Managers should review the Learning Plans in Guthrie Learn assigned to each staff member to validate they are correct. If necessary, a class can be searched for individually and added to a staff member's Learning Plan.
  3. The manager and staff member should agree on the date and time of all classes before the end user registers.

If you are slated for Super User training beginning next week, be sure you know where to find the new Guthrie Training Center. The Training Center is located at the former Laundry Building/Hangar Building, where the Helipad and the Construction Department is located. 

Guthrie Hangar Building
33 Dominic Pace Parkway
Sayre, PA 18840

Please note: this may get you to the general vicinity and not to the actual building.  Look for the tall tan metal building to your left immediately as you cross the tracks.  Park inside the fenced parking lot labeled "Guthrie Hangar Lot". 

You may park in either the Hanger Lot or the Main Employee Parking Lot on Thomas Ave.  If you need the shuttle from the Hanger Lot back to campus or to the Main Employee Parking Lot, please call ext. 4925 to request the shuttle.