Redesigned Cardiac Care Unit Unveiled

Nov 02, 2018

A newly redesigned unit for cardiac care at Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital will soon welcome its first patients. The unit is specially designed to be a “Unit-of-One” where dedicated care teams will keep caregivers closer to the patient, involving patients in their own plan of care.

The unit is designed to create an optimal care environment in each individual patient room by harnessing technology and implementing an innovative layout to keep all tools needed to provide care in close proximity to each room. The unit differs from a traditional unit because patients, together with those providing care, create their own “Unit-of-One,” which is a change from the traditional nursing unit with several patient rooms and a central nurses station.

The design is an evidence-based best practice that has been shown to increase patient safety and staff satisfaction by making it easier to give the right care at the bedside at the right time, with the right care team members. The unit design also facilitates collaboration among members of the care team.