Personal Health Records to be Distributed at Guthrie Corning and Guthrie Robert Packer Hospitals

Sep 01, 2017

Starting in September, patient admission packages will now include a Personal Health Record (PHR). The PHR is a patient centered health record that helps guide the patient through their care process post discharge and is an important tool to help patients become more actively engaged in their own wellness. This is not a replacement of eGuthrie, but a way to raise awareness about the importance of patients organizing their health information including medications, health conditions and questions related to their care. Patients are encouraged to take the record with them to all doctor visits.  

These pamphlets are part of Guthrie’s participation in the New York State Delivery System Reform Incentive Program (NYS DSRIP) Care Transitions project to help patients through their first month post discharge where there is a high risk of readmissions. The pamphlets will be distributed at Guthrie Robert Packer and Guthrie Corning Hospitals.