Path Closure for Co-Generation Project Construction in Sayre

Sep 09, 2016

The next step in Guthrie’s project to install a co-generation system and power upgrade on the Sayre campus will begin in mid-September. Crews will continue work near the power plant beginning around Sept. 19. This work will cause the reclosure of the sidewalk from the Radiology Physicians Parking Lot that sits next to the Facilities Building up to the southwest corner of the Foundation Building for approximately six weeks. During this time, all foot traffic will need to walk around to the east side and enter the building by the loading dock or go on around the front of the School of Nursing.

The work is necessary to move forward with the co-generation and campus power upgrade projects designed to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy usage. These projects involve installation of a combined heat and power, or co-generation, system and a campus wide power upgrade at Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital. When the system is up and running, it is projected to provide more than $600,000 in savings on energy costs each year.