One More Week to Take the 2017 Employee Opinion Survey

Aug 25, 2017

Employees (non-providers) across Guthrie have one more week to participate in the 2017 Employee Opinion Survey process. This survey is an important tool used to measure how employees feel about their work environment, their coworkers and manager, and about the Guthrie organization. This year’s survey is an abbreviated survey that consists of 15 Power Items, 6 Engagement Items, and any items that the specific unit or department had previously developed action plans around. Information from this year’s survey will be used to develop action plans that drive improvement across the system. 

All employees hired before June 1 have the opportunity to participate before the survey closes on Sept. 1. Employees will receive the survey from their manager and should complete and return the survey directly to Organizational Development in an inter-office envelope provided by their manager within two weeks of receipt. Departments that achieve an 80% or higher survey completion rate will receive frozen novelties as a thank you. If you have questions about the survey, please contact Organizational Development at 570-887-5291.