Music for Healing and Transition Brought to Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital

Sep 09, 2016

Meredith Bocek, a Certified Music Practitioner (CMP)® under the nationally accredited Music for Healing and Transition Program (MHTP)TM, has joined the Volunteer Services program at Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital as a volunteer playing the harp for patients. The MHTP is an organization that trains and certifies musicians in the art and science of providing therapeutic music for body, mind, and spirit. 

Meredith tailors her music to individual patient conditions to promote the patient's comfort and healing, to create an environment for spiritual, emotional, and physical wholeness - to help the body come into balance.  She's able to play music for five general patient conditions and has been trained to assess the patient in order to understand the patient's condition.  She's trained to play music for acute, non-acute, cognitively impaired, and pain/high anxiety conditions as well as for patients who are actively dying. 

This program has been greatly welcomed and enjoyed by patients, their families, and the staff, since inception in the Infusion/Cancer Center as well as on the 6SW and 6NW nursing units. 

Harpist Meredith Bocek plays for patient Dianne Campbell.