IDX Upgrade Planned for Daylight Savings Time

Nov 04, 2016

The GE Centricity (IDX) computer system will be down on Sunday, Nov. 6 beginning at 12:45 a.m. for a duration of three hours. The purpose of this downtime is to change the time on the GE(IDX) computers back to Eastern Standard Time. The time change will occur during the downtime.  All GE(IDX) applications and Cerner Bloodbank will be unavailable.

The Epic - EMR system which depends on the GE(IDX) system for ADT information will remain up but will have special down time procedures to update the ADT information manually.

Admission, Discharge, and Transfer for all hospital systems (RPH, Corning, and Troy) will be directed to the GE(IDX) Downtime Room, which will be staffed throughout the downtime period.  The downtime staff will manually update the Epic system.  The downtime room can be reached at 570-887-4301.

Applications that will be down include:
GE(IDX) REG - Registration (RPH, CH, TCH, and Guthrie Clinic)
GE(IDX) BAR - Billing and Accounts Receivable - (Guthrie Clinic)
GE(IDX) SCHED - Appointment Scheduling (RPH, CH, TCH and Guthrie Clinic)
GE(IDX) ADT - Admission, Discharge, and Transfer (RPH, CH, TCH)
GE(IDX) HPA - Hospital Patient Accounting (RPH, CH, TCH)
Cerner - Bloodbank

Please note that the PACS system/images will be available throughout the downtime period.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Steven Levering for Epic at 570-887-6753, and for GE(IDX), please contact  Lisa Belles at 570-887-4374 or Carl Brotzman at 570-887-6419.   We apologize for the inconvenience and as usual, thank you for your continued support and cooperation.