Guthrie Veterans Recognize… the Establishment of the US Navy

Oct 28, 2016

Each month, we are highlighting a key military date and featuring the story of a service member or veteran connected to Guthrie whose story relates to that date.

October 13, 1775 marked the founding of the United State Navy. On this date, the Continental Congress established the Continental Navy to serve what would become the United States of America. The US Navy to this day recognizes this as the official birthdate of its long, proud history of service and traditions.

To mark this milestone, Guthrie anesthesiologist Dr. Burdett Porter shared his story from his time in the Navy.

Dr. Porter had a number of family members who served in the military – his father in the Air Force, his grandfather in the Navy, and his uncle in the Army. When he decided that medical school was his next step, he decided to join the Navy to make that happen.

Dr.  Porter spent a total of seven years of active duty, four of which were training and residency, which he completed at Portsmouth Naval Hospital in Portsmouth, VA. Following his training, Dr. Porter spent three years as a staff physician.

He also had the opportunity to be deployed on the USS Inchon, which was a helicopter vessel. During that deployment, Dr. Porter gained a strong sense of community with the sailors and Marines he served alongside. He explained, “During my deployment, I enjoyed the camaraderie of my ship mates and appreciated the feeling of working together as a tightly integrated unit. From engine experts, to air traffic, navigation, pilots, and the medical team, we all played our part in a greater mission.”

This emphasis on teamwork is something that Dr. Porter has carried with him throughout his life. At Guthrie, Dr. Porter knows that his team is a crucial piece in excellent patient care. He sums up his lessons learned in the Navy by saying, “I learned that I’m not the center of the universe – I respect my team, and I’m there to serve others, not the other way around.”

Thank you to Dr. Porter for sharing his story, and for his service to our country.

Dr. Porter on the USS Inchon