Guthrie Spine Center Recognized for Excellence

Jul 14, 2017

Back Pain Centers of America, which connects people searching for solutions to their neck and back pain with a reputable physician in their area, announces that the Guthrie Spine Center is the winner of the 2017 Awards of Excellence for the Patient Growth Award. This award recognizes the practices which have demonstrated high growth and healthy growth in a calendar year. 

Guthrie identified an opportunity to advance multispecialty collaboration in fostering better outcomes for our unique patient population, bringing together multiple divisions to develop one plan of care for each unique patient by developing a program to ensure patients were seen and could address chronic pain. Physiatrists served as the main point of contact to evaluate the patients, order tests and labs, get specialty opinions where needed, and to communicate back to the patient. The result was a higher patient satisfaction, and a faster path of care to address chronic pain. 

“We created this award category to recognize innovative and patient-centric care programs,” said Brent Wheeler, president of Back Pain Centers of America. “We applaud Guthrie Medical Group for recognizing an underserved population, and instead of moving the patient from place to place, Guthrie organized a program to place a single physician in charge of the patient and have a central point of contact for patient ease and coordination. While Guthrie is not a member of the Back Pain Centers of America network, we made a decision to reach out to all spine care practices to explore new innovations in patient care. Guthrie impressed us with their program.”