Guthrie Occupational Medicine Celebrates Their Team in Times of Crisis

Jul 31, 2020

Guthrie Occupational Medicine physicians participated in the first ever Sayre Occupational Medicine Physicians “Tie One On, Docs” Friendly Tie Competition in May. The event consisted of five days of competitive tie-wearing judged by the Occupational Medicine staff.

Awards for the winners of the event were presented at a luncheon. Drs. Them and Grippo “tied” for first place and each received a trophy. Velvet Segur, LPN was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation for serving as "Punctilious Maven of Neckwear Accoutrements" and Kiera Storch was presented with a Certificate of Recognition for her marketing and graphic design work for the competition.

The event served as a fun team building exercise that involved the entire team, even those working from home.