Don’t Forget to Register for PARC Training

Oct 28, 2016

Super User and End User Training registration is open in Guthrie Learn. Our goal is that by Nov. 15, all Epic Super Users will be registered for training. The target date for End User Training registration is Nov.30. Meeting these target dates will give managers time to assess and coordinate scheduling and backfill needs. Please discuss with your manager and register for your Super User and End User classes.

The registration process is as follows:

  • Managers and staff should review the Course Catalog on the PARC Intranet site to identify classes staff should be enrolling in. Click here to access the Course Catalog.
  • Managers should review the Learning Plans in Guthrie Learn assigned to each staff member to validate it is correct, and have staff members search for and self-assign any courses that are missing.
  • The manager and staff member should agree on the date and time of all classes before the end user registers.
  • Instructions on how to register for a class in Guthrie Learn can be found on the PARC Intranet site, or click here.