Courtesy Services Offers Options for Better Patient Experience

Feb 02, 2018

The Courtesy Services department offers many options to patients and visitors on the Guthrie Sayre Campus. Please do your part to inform patients of these services to ensure they have the best experience possible. These options include:

  • Shuttle service from the patient parking lot to any entrance on the main campus. Departments can request a return to the parking lot for a patient or visitor by calling 570-887-3100.
  • Parking attendant assistance in and out of their vehicle.  
  • Free valet parking, accessed by pulling up to the North Entrance where a parking attendant will assist them. After their visit, patients will return to the Atrium and present their valet ticket to have their car returned to them at the North Entrance.
  • Wheelchair transportation to their destination in the GMG or RPH building is available at the North or South Entrance. To request a transport to the entrance from a GMG office, call 570-887-3100. To request a transport from RPH to the entrance, please enter your transport request in Epic or call 570-887-7300 and ask for “transporter dispatch.”

If you have any questions, please contact Cathy Leal, Manager, Volunteer & Courtesy Services at 570-887-4241.