Be Sure to Get All of Your Emails – Turn Off Focused Inbox

Jul 14, 2017

As more employees make the switch to Office 365 and Outlook for email, there have been some reports of difficulty finding certain emails. This difficulty is likely caused by a default setting in Outlook called “focused inbox”. The setting is designed to filter out emails based on the content of the email (e.g., newsletters, machine-generated email and who you interact with most often). This is similar to junk mail filters, however, it may not always work as you expect and can end up filtering out emails you wish to receive. 

To ensure that you receive all of the emails, you may want to turn off the “focused inbox” setting. Instructions for doing this on your computer and mobile phone versions of Outlook can be found here. For more information on this topic and other helpful tips you can visit.

instructions for browser

instructions for mobile