ATA Update

Sep 06, 2019

We have officially completed the implementation of Automated Time and Attendance (ATA) and our new system is now fully functional, eliminating the paper time sheets, Kronos and Remote Time Entry. On behalf of the ATA Project Team, our sincere thanks to everyone for their hard work and patience during the transition to our new system.

Important: The current pay period (Aug. 25 – Sept. 7) will be our first payroll relying solely on the new ATA system. As we prepare for the end of the current pay period, we are sharing these important reminders: 

  • All policy changes related to the new ATA system are now in effect. A review of new and modified policies is available under ATA Resources on the ATA intranet page. 
  • In addition to reviewing the timecard, managers and employees should review the “Pay Preview” tab. This view will show application of rounding rules and the actual hours that will be sent to payroll.
  • All timecards must be reviewed, corrected (if needed) and approved by managers by noon on the Monday, following the end of the pay period. For this first pay period, approval deadline is noon on Monday, Sept. 9.

The ATA Command Center will remain open until Sept. 13 at 5 p.m. Please contact us by phone at 570-887-5380, option 3 or by e-mail at with your questions.

We appreciate everyone’s cooperation as we complete the transition to the new system, which provides a more accurate payroll, benefitting our employees and supporting our value of excellence.