ACR Select Imaging Decision Support Go-Live on Oct. 3

Sep 01, 2017

On Oct. 3, Guthrie will be going live in Epic with ACR Select imaging decision support. ACR Select utilizes evidence-based appropriate use criteria (AUC) to determine if an imaging order is appropriate based on the patient’s age, gender and reason for exam. This change is in response to upcoming CMS mandates for AUC for PET CT, CT, MRI and nuclear medicine procedures for technical reimbursement. This change will assist providers in ensuring high quality imaging care to improve patient outcomes and decrease costs. A training video will be available on Guthrie Learn for all providers beginning Sept. 5, and tip sheets will be available on their learning home dashboard to prepare all Guthrie providers for this change. 

For ambulatory providers: If the order is determined to fall outside of the ACR guidelines, a notification window (BPA) will appear to ambulatory with suggestions of imaging orders aligned with the decision support. The provider will not see a BPA if the order is determined appropriate.  

For inpatient and ED providers: The decision has been made to not go live with the BPA feedback window at this time for inpatient and ED when providers are placing orders through navigators including admission, discharge or transfer med rec order navigators. Providers will see the new structured and free text reason for exam at order placement, which will allow them to utilize the structured reason choices and provide feedback prior to the mandate.