This Week: Friday, July 28, 2017

Week of July 28, 2017

Check out the August CEO Video

This month Dr. Scopelliti talks about safety in the workplace and how we can make Guthrie a more safe and comfortable place for everyone.

Your Opinion Matters – Take the Employee Opinion Survey in August

Employees (non-providers) across Guthrie will have an opportunity to participate in the 2017 Employee Opinion Survey process beginning August 1. This survey is an important tool used to measure how employees feel about their work environment, their coworkers and manager, and about the Guthrie organization. This year’s survey is an abbreviated survey that consists of 15 Power Items, 6 Engagement Items, and any items that the specific unit or department had previously developed action plans around. Information from this year’s survey will be used to develop action plans that drive improvement across the system. 

Throughout the month of August, Organizational Development will email leaders a survey for each of their respective departments to distribute to their employees.  Surveys will be distributed based on a staggered schedule, with all employees hired before June 1 having the opportunity to participate before the survey closes on Sept. 1. Employees will receive the survey from their manager and should complete and return the survey directly to Organizational Development in an inter-office envelope provided by their manager within two weeks of receipt. Departments that achieve an 80% or higher survey completion rate will receive frozen novelties as a thank you. If you have questions about the survey, please contact Organizational Development at 570-887-5291.

Guthrie Welcomes New Providers

Guthrie is pleased to welcome the following new providers in July:

2017 Guthrie Gala Tickets On Sale Now!

Don’t miss your chance for an enjoyable evening that supports a great cause. The 2017 Guthrie Gala is set for September 9 in The Guthrie Clinic Atrium, and benefits Sayre House of Hope. This year the Sayre House of Hope is celebrating 10 years of providing comfort, compassion, and a home away from home during some of our patients and families most difficult times.

The Guthrie Gala is the largest fundraiser for the Sayre House of Hope which operates largely on donations. The Guthrie Clinic cannot directly fund this facility, as this type of housing could be seen as an enticement to patients. Guest revenue provides minimal support, since over 60 percent of its guests meet low-income guidelines and stay for free or at a reduced cost.

One former guest of the Sayre House of Hope stated, “Without the House of Hope we wouldn't have been able to be with our loved one and helped them heal." Your support will help keep this inspiring facility available to all who may need it.

Tickets for the Guthrie Gala are on sale at the Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital Gift Shop, by visiting, or by contacting Nichole Cocco in Resource Development at 570-887-4420. Sponsorship opportunities are still available. Please visit for more details.

Guthrie Physicians Win 2017 Ithaca Journal Readers’ Choice Awards

The 2017 Ithaca Journal Readers’ Choice Awards have been announced and our Guthrie Team leads the way. These awards are chosen by a survey from the Ithaca Journal that gets readers’ input on their favorite retailers and services in and around Ithaca. Dr. Bruce Kuntz was chosen as the winner for their favorite Primary Care Physician and Dr. Ruth Crepet was runner up. Congratulations to these physicians and all Guthrie staff for outstanding patient care.


Guthrie Teams Educates Attendees at Troy Fair

Teams from Trauma Services, Guthrie Troy, and Guthrie Wellness Nurses greeted visitors with helpful information during the 2017 Troy Fair at the Fairground in Troy, Pa.

Kaylin Baker, LPN, Angela Flynn, NP and LuAnn Sakers, Director from Guthrie Medical Group Troy office



Guthrie Wellness Nurses Katie Elliott-Sluyter, RN, Whitney Gregori, RN and Kylee Moore, RN


Melissa Ross, RN and Matt LaRock, EMT, Greater Valley EMS at the Guthrie Trauma Center Display

Ask About and Ideas About Moving to Workplace - August 9

With the transition from Lotus Notes to Office 365, the current Ask About and Ideas About databases, which are hosted in Lotus Notes, will no longer be available. In order to continue to offer these important tools, the feature will move to Workplace. Beginning on Aug. 9, questions should be submitted to the Ask About group on Workplace. 

Please note that the current version of the platform did not include the name of the person who submitted the question, however, in this version, the name of the person who posted the question will be displayed along with the question. Once a question is approved, it will be visible to everyone who works at Guthrie. Likewise, while a Guthrie subject matter expert will be tagged to answer, any team member will have the ability to respond to questions that are posted in the group. We hope that this format continues to provide an easy way for staff members to have their questions answered. 

Guthrie Care Coordinators Leverage Mayo Experience to Improve Practice

Members of the Guthrie Care Coordination program recently took advantage of the direct access to Mayo Clinic by requesting and attending a focused, comprehensive Care Coordination immersion experience at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. Care Coordination is a key component of Guthrie's population health management initiatives and is led by our primary care providers using state of the art technology and community resources to establish high-quality, low-cost care. Guthrie team members attending the immersion experience included: Trishia VanGorden, RN, Lead Care Coordinator, Kate Mohr, EVP & CNO, Laura Manning, RN, Sr. Director PCMH & Care Coordination and Russ Woglom, MD, CMO Clinical Transformation. The Mayo hosts were Carla Scheepstra, Operations Manager and Jessica Homan, Administrator Provider Relations. The Guthrie team is very excited to apply the practice information learned while at Mayo Clinic to the Care Coordination Program at Guthrie. For more information on accessing the Mayo Clinic Care Network resources, click here or contact James Earley at 570-887-5409.

Trishia VanGorden, Kate Mohr, Laura Manning, Dr. Russ Woglom, with Carla Scheepstra (Mayo) & Jessica Homan (Mayo)

Buy, Sell & Swap Expanded Features Now Available on Workplace

The popular Buy, Sell & Swap section that has been available on the Guthrie intranet is now also available on Workplace with expanded features. The new format allows photos to be uploaded with listings and allows the seller to mark the item as sold with one quick click. The same rules apply regarding the types of items that can be posted for sale, and the Human Resources team will still be responsible for approving items which are submitted for sale. Visit the Buy, Sell & Swap Group on Workplace here to check it out. Once you have claimed your Workplace account by signing in using the link from the invitation email, you can continue to access Workplace by using the web address: or by clicking the banner on the Guthrie intranet.

Cancer Center Accepts Donation

Leigh Mosier, a local thirty-one® independent consultant with a passion for helping cancer patients, delivered more than 100 thirty-one® totes filled with personal care items this week. The bags will be presented to cancer patients currently receiving treatment at the Guthrie Cancer Center locations in Sayre and Corning. Leigh has been supporting cancer patients at Guthrie with these special deliveries since 2015.  Thank you, Leigh!

Hospital Issued Scrubs – What’s the Big Deal?

We would like to remind staff to remove their hospital issued scrubs before leaving the building. Wearing scrubs outside of their appropriate, controlled and clean environment carries a great risk of cross-contamination. Scrubs worn or taken outside of the facility have the potential to become contaminated by things like pollen or dirt, and there is a risk of that contamination coming back into sterile environments. Even washing your scrubs at home could poses a risk, so they should always be laundered by our professional services. If you have scrubs to return, deposit them in any of the dirty linen hampers with the blue bags. 

Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital Tube System Shut Down - Aug. 2

The tube system at Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital will experience a shutdown between 6 - 8 a.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 2. The shutdown will allow upgrades to the power station, which will greatly improve the functionality of the system during any future power outages. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Michael Parks at 570-887-5566.

Safety is Our Concern – Sayre Campus Employee Shuttle Buses/Lot

Safety is the number one concern for the Guthrie employee shuttle bus drivers. The safety of our drivers, the employees walking through the parking lot, and the employees driving their vehicles within the lot has been a major concern that is getting increasingly more difficult for our drivers to control. Please be mindful of the following as it relates to the employee shuttle bus operations:

  • TEXTING & WALKING - When walking along the sidewalk outside the Sumner entrance, please be aware of the buses using that entrance and how close you are to those buses.  Do not text and walk. Drivers have had several near misses with people on their phones and not paying attention to their surroundings. The drivers have limited opportunity to shift to the left if a pedestrian happens to come into the line of the bus due to the curb on the left side of the entrance.  
  • YIELD - Please observe and obey the YIELD signs at the intersection just inside the Thomas Ave. parking lot. Vehicles approaching the exit from the left and right must yield to the vehicles coming down the center aisle, including the shuttle buses. Again, buses and employees have had many near misses with those who dart out or don't stop at all on the left or right and enter in the path of those vehicles coming down the center aisle.
  • EXITING THE BUS - When exiting the bus, please go in front of the bus, not behind it to cross over to where your vehicle is parked. Vehicles approaching the bus are not able to see passengers who go around the back of the bus.
  • APPROACHING A STOPPED BUS - When a bus is stopped in the lot, you must stop just as if you're approaching a stopped school bus. This is for the safety of the passengers exiting the bus and trying to get to their vehicles. Please do not pass a stopped bus, it's best if you wait until the bus passes you and you can clearly see that there are no other passengers crossing in front of you.
  • EFFICIENT SHUTTLE OPERATIONS - It's important that the shuttle drivers load and unload passengers in a safe, but timely manner in order to continue the efficient operations of the buses. This helps in assuring that the buses get back to the Sumner entrance or the lot in a timely manner to service those who are waiting in either place. Especially at busy times of the day, it's important for employees to yield to the approaching shuttle bus so that the drivers can get out of the lot in a timely manner and back to the Sumner entrance.

If you have any questions, please contact Cathy Leal, Manager, Volunteer & Courtesy Services, at 570-887- 4241.

Events Across the Guthrie System

Mo Songs for Kerry Fundraiser - July 29 - East Waverly Park on Ithaca St. in Waverly, N.Y. The day’s events will run from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m. 

Food Farm Family Festival - August 5 - 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Howard Elmer Park in Sayre, Pa across from the Guthrie Sayre campus. 

Guthrie Cardiac and Vascular Support Group - Aug. 23 - from 2 - 4 p.m. in the board room of the School of Nursing building on the Sayre campus. Please call 570-887-2324 to RSVP.